Return on Customer First: accelerate growth with a customer-driven discipline

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SPP's Customer Growth practice brings expertise to deliver profitable growth for the consumer and retail sector

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SPP’s Return on Customer First helps businesses to identify, capture and sustain growth

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What we do:

Customer Growth Strategy

Customers are core to your business. But rapidly changing consumer expectations, heightened by the proliferation of digital social platforms, mean that capturing customer growth is harder than ever. 

SPP’s proven approach to customer-led transformation ensures your business can return to placing the customer to where they should be – first. 

A customer-first approach is the only antidote to evolving market challenges

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Changing consumer behaviour

Rapidly evolving engagement across digital and physical platforms require a deep customer understanding to provide frictionless experience and drive purchase.

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Economic uncertainty and cost of living pressures

Rising living costs and interest rates impact consumer spending, causing challenges as customers delay or reduce purchases.

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Increasing costs and limited margins

Rising raw material and labor costs are challenging the growth of retail and consumer goods companies.

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Managing supply chains and logistics

Global supply chain disruptions and fluctuating logistics costs strain supply management, yet consumers still expect fast, reliable delivery.

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Evolving data challenges gg

Businesses must address data privacy concerns and regulations by identifying risks, leveraging customer data, and protecting it through strategic IT investments.

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Sustainable and ethical practices

Consumers expect businesses to address social and environmental issues. Failing to do so can lead to significant reputational damage, especially in the digital economy.

SPP can assist you to Identify, Position, Deliver and Sustain successful growth strategies

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Growth Opportunity Identification

Market Sizing & Competitive Landscape

Help you understand market size, customer perceptions of your brand and competitors, assess the impact of digital behaviour, and identify actions to attract new customers and grow your business.

Prioritising Growth Options

Identify opportunities for both organic and inorganic growth, determining which categories, channels, and brands hold the greatest potential for success within your organisation.

Customer Segmentation

Uncover your most valuable customer segments and leverage your core strengths to maximise their potential.

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Developing Winning Brand & Value Propositions

Customer Value Proposition (CVP)

Craft a compelling customer value proposition that differentiates your brand, drives customer loyalty, and accelerates growth.

Brand & Go to Market Strategy

Maintain a winning brand position, reposition your current brand, or successfully introduce a new one with tailored brand and go-to-market strategies.

Product Portfolio Management

Challenge your product and brand portfolio to find the optimal commercial balance, ensuring strategic investment and resource allocation for maximum profitability and market impact.

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Organisation-Wide Growth Mobilisation

Channel Strategy & Salesforce Effectiveness

Provide tailored solutions to enhance your customer value proposition and deliver a seamless multi-channel experience, optimising sales strategies and marketing structures for profitable growth and maximum returns on promotional investments.

Supply Chain Optimisation

Enable resilient supply chains by optimising sourcing, manufacturing, and logistics processes to ensure operational excellence and mitigate risks.

Investment Strategy & Business Cases

Market-driven New Product Development processes and innovation programs that engage customers collaboratively, delivering competitive advantages. Optimise promotional spend to align with desired consumer behaviours.

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Embedded Growth Capabilities

Operating Model & Process Re-design

Streamline operations, integrating customer-centric practices into every aspect of your business for enhanced efficiency and exceptional customer experiences.

Innovation & Commercialisation

Facilitate customer-centric discovery processes to deeply understanding needs, enabling your organisation to identify, shape, test and scale solutions that drive sustained growth.

Customer Data & Digital Strategy

Leveraging customer data and optimising digital capabilities, we design omnichannel experiences that align with customer preferences, driving value at every touchpoint.

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Case Studies

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Leading Australian premium spirits company

Growth strategy and supply chain optimisation 

A leading Australian premium spirits company experienced strong growth during the pandemic and sought to consolidate these market share gains and drive further growth coming out of the pandemic. 

SPP conducted extensive consultations, workshops, market research, data analysis, and financial modelling to help identify growth opportunities as well as over $18m in EBIT upside supply chain optimisation opportunities. 

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Leading Australian retailer g

Retail Brand Strategy

A leading Australian retail brand needed to better define and refocus its brand purpose and positioning.

SPP collaborated with the board and management to review the competitive landscape and gain a deeper understanding of customer needs and preferences across a broad range of categories. This comprehensive analysis enabled the development of a new brand purpose aimed at transforming the shopping experience for its customers.

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E-commerce and retail technology company

Customer Growth Strategy

Following rapid growth over the preceding five years, SPP was engaged by a leading e-commerce and retail technology company to facilitate a workshop aimed at developing a high-level roadmap for their next growth phase.

Together, SPP and the company's Leadership Team co-created major outputs, including an updated Vision and Customer Value Proposition (CVP), identification of growth opportunities and potential threats, and a high-level roadmap to guide the company towards their updated revenue goals.

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Global wine and spirits group

Product Portfolio Management 

A global alcohol company identified a number of challenges with their current portfolio lifecycle approach including: SKU proliferation, complex processes, increasing costs, longer time to market, and systems and tools not supporting the business requirements.

SPP developed a set of recommended improvements to their PLM and NPD processes, including recommendations as to underlying tech requirements to support the new processes.

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Australian premium flooring distributor

Business Process Improvement  

The client faced several operational pain points which were largely caused by poor processes in the 'back end' of the business.

SPP supported the client in identifying which processes were the most critical to the pain points, where the constraints were, and therefore, what process improvements should be pursued to alleviate the pain points and provided a clear implementation plan for how they should go about pursuing the process improvement initiatives and other recommendations.

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Wine and spirits distributor

Salesforce Effectiveness 

A leading distributor of spirits and wines in Australia faced challenges in optimising its sales strategy amidst stiff competition and diverse customer demands.

SPP conducted market assessments, tailored sales strategies, and developed a strategic sales plan focused on sustainable growth. The realignment of the sales force led to improved efficiency and effectiveness, positioning the client for continued success.

Our Clients

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David Mackay

David leads SPP’s work in Consumer markets, which includes Retail, Branded Goods, Sport, Media, Entertainment, Leisure, and Tourism. David has advised major brands across commercial and not-for-profit sectors on strategy, governance, commercial performance improvement, capital works planning, and partnering and fundraising strategies.​​

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Noel Leung

Noel Leung is a Partner at SPP and leads our work in customer growth.  Noel has over 20 years experience in delivering strategy engagements to drive transformational change across a range of sectors including food & beverage, FMCG and consumer goods. ​

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